Monday, December 20, 2010

I Just Wanted To See You Smile

A smile, or lack there of, is one of the first things you notice about a person. Just think about Sterling Knight or Zac Efron. Their smiles totally get you every time.

I just got done helping at a Christmas giveaway for people less fortunate than us. Yes, some people didn't truly need food or toys for Christmas, but most of the families were very down-to-earth and genuine people. To watch children smile just from getting one toy for Christmas is a very special sight. Even though I just cut tape most of the day, at the end, my mom and I got to pick two teenagers that we thought looked honestly needy (if that makes any sense). The first one got a nice stereo. The second- an iPod docking station. This was, by far, the best part of my day. They both smiled so big and were very thankful. Just to know that I helped in making their days great makes me happy.

I don't know about everybody else, but I love seeing people smile. It tells so much about their personality. I hope some of these next pictures help YOU smile.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life Is Short

Sometimes I wonder to what extent I have affected people's lives. As of now, probably not many. How many people will be able to say, "She changed my life." when I die? How many people will be at my memorial service? How many people will cry? How many people will care? How many people will say, "Who was she? She went to our school?"? Kind of a scary thought, don't you think? This year, there have been several high school/college students that have died in freak accidents. No one was expecting them to die. But it happens. What if that person was you?

Everyone, myself included, looks forward to big events. High School graduation. Wedding day. Prom. Christmas. But why spend so much time looking forward to one day? 24 hours out of your whole life! What if tomorrow never even came?

I know you have heard this so many times before. We need to enjoy every day to the fullest. We need to try to change people's lives and impact that world. That's what "they" tell us to do. It's hard though. I know that I can't bring myself to just walk up to some complete stranger and tell them something nice or share my life story. I am too worried about how they will judge me, and if they will think I am weird.

Now is the time that I say, throw that out the window. Who cares if people think you are weird? Life is too short to care about those little things.

I, for one, know that when I die, I want everyone to be able to say, "She was a great girl." I want people to realize that it's not about how popular you were, it's about how caring, loving, compassionate, and genuine you were. THAT'S what changes people's lives for the better.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Today in choir, I had a lot of stuff in my hands. Today in choir, we watched Elf. Today in choir, I was contemplating where to sit as there were no chairs. Today in choir, a boy that people probably wouldn't expect to be gentlemenly offered me his chair. Today in choir, my day was made. Today in choir, that boy also put the chair back for me. Today in choir, I realized how bad guys are getting at being gentlemenly if something that simple means so much to me.

Today at Panera, an old lady walked by me and told her young granddaughter to look at my pretty shoes. Today at Panera, my day was made.

Today at home, I realized how handy card readers that are already built into computers are. Today at home, my day was made.

Today at 6:00 p.m., I realized that I should be studying for my English final tomorrow or my Spanish final the next day. Today at 6:01 p.m., I blew it off.

Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm Getting Addicted

I would love to direct a movie someday. I only dream of the day when I get an assignment saying, "Direct a movie (JIA Appropriate)" and nothing else. Well, maybe a time limit or something. No partners, no historical documents, no point... just a movie. SO FUN!!! Oh well. I guess since I know that is not going to happen, I should just direct one for the fun of it. You think?

Does anybody else ever feel like they have that knack for saying the exact wrong thing at the exact wrong time? I hope I'm not the only one.

O.P.I. nail polish is not as good as I thought it was. I ain't as good as I once was. I got a few years on me now. But there was a time, back in my prime....

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Broken Camera

Spirit Week: 2010. The best week in which we have to attend school out of the whole year. Except for one thing... I broke my camera this year. I had it in my backpack to take pictures of everyone during spirit week and set it down a little too roughly. It made me ultra-sad to find out it was broken. Now, whenever I think I look cute and want to take a picture of myself. I have to sneak into my moms room, get her camera, and switch our memory cards. I just made it sound like a.) I think I look cute a lot and b.) I always have to sneak into my moms room.

Clarification: a.) Come on... there hasn't been a day when you thought you looked cute? Not one SINGLE day? That's right... there has.
b.) I only have to sneak into my moms room when I am getting her camera. If she saw that I had her camera she would be all like, "What are you using that for?" and I would have to come up with some lame excuse like... "Nothing." Which, let's face it, that never works with moms.

I just looked downstairs and my mom had her hand in a candle. Weird? Don't worry, it wasn't lit.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Terms of Service

I was inspired to write a blog from one of my best friend's writing one. She has a way more exciting life than me (as she lives in Ecuador), but I figured, blogging is a good way to just write out your feelings. I won't even care if anyone reads this, but if you are reading this, I admire you for even trying.

One thing I already like about this is that when you stop typing for a few seconds, blogspot totally saves what you have already written. My computer often freezes up and says, "Haha Kristin, now you are going to have to shut me down the wrong way!" I'm serious. It does that probably 4 times a day. So, I would like to thank blogspot for this amazing feature. Way to be blogspot, way to be.

I would like to provide everyone a caveat (vocab word) about my blog. My mind is crazy. Most of the posts probably won't make sense in anyone else's mind, but mine. I jump around so much. (That almost sounded like I was being literal. Does the word literal even work there?) However, for the sake of any random person that might be reading this, I will try to make sense as best I can.

Does anyone ever read the terms of service? Do you know how much time that would take out of life? You would spend every single minute of every single day just reading them. I am sure glad that most people don't read them, yet still agree to them. They make me feel less guilty. Do we realize how important that is though? We are pretty much signing our name on a commitment. Like the Little Mermaid. That still doesn't make me care more though.

Guess what I just got to experience? My computer mocking me. Oh well, at least blogspot saved it!

Anyways, I do intend to write more meaningful posts, but I figured my first one shouldn't be too overwhelming.

I love Space Heaters.