Sunday, July 24, 2011

So...this is awkward.

Yeah, I know. The video is sideways. Sorry. I thought it was cute though. "SWEET HOME ALABAMA!"

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ya'll Ready Fo Dis?

You can try listening to this while you read this post.

A lot has happened recently
Before I even began to write
Cat-sitting was a little scary
Dark, it twas at night
Erin is going to college
Friends have come and gone
God is always with me
His Light is forever on
I went for a camping trip
Jelly beans, we could not find
Kristin was not very happy
Luckily, everyone else didn't mind
Mexico was brilliant
Never out of cute guys
Oceans sound so soothing
Palm trees in front of my eyes
Quitting is not an option
Real life is sort of hectic
Sixty-Seven was my number
That was not electric
Under the circumstances though
Vacation has been going quite well
Whether I am at home or not
X marks the spot you all dwell
You may not like this rhyme
Zap! I'm out of time.

Well THAT didn't make any sense.