Friday, December 30, 2011

4 Dollars

As you probably all know by now anyways, I have a funny story about my wisdom teeth. But, I am writing this for the future. For when I forget about it, I can someday be reminded of this experience that I think is hilarious.

I walk into the oral surgeon's office. Wait a few minutes while watching one of those stupid sad dog commercials. I actually say to my mom, "That is NOT the last thing that I want to see before I go in." A nice lady with a British/Australian (?) accent takes me back. She brings me to a room, puts a blood pressure thing on my arm, put this thing that beeps every time I breath on my finger, and (worst of all) sticks an oxygen thing up my nose. I feel like an 80 year old. I hope, "Maybe they won't have to give me a shot, and this thing will just zonk me out." Well, it doesn't. I have to wait for what seems like a while, and I hear that country music is playing. I don't know why I notice that, but I do. Maybe because there are only a selective amount of people that actually enjoy country.

Moving on. The surgeon comes in and tells me that I have small veins. "Ummm, well, thanks Doc." He says that I am going to feel a huge squeeze, while he puts a band around my arm, but I actually don't. I already kind of feel like I am falling asleep, even though the needle has not even touched me. He says that he is going to start with the smallest one. After that one seems to work, I wonder if he is even going to use another one. Then he says, "Alright, now the medicine is going into you." The very last thing I see is one of his assistance putting towels (?) over me. That is not, however, the last thing that I did.

After the procedure is over, I feel somewhat awake and hear something along the lines of "mint ice cream" Next. I am going through a door in which I did not come through. Next. I go into an elevator. Next. I get into the car. Next. I look into the car mirror and attempt talking. Next. I am lying on my couch at home talking to my sister and father. Next. I am falling asleep. Next. I wake up and feel completely normal.

Later that day... I find out that before the procedure had even started, right before I fell asleep, I had a funny look on my face. One of the nurses thought it was "cute". Then, I just started bursting out in laughter. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I laughed because I was trying to fight the anesthetics. (Me and my dad have a joke about that). After I realized that it wasn't going to work, perhaps I started laughing hysterically. I also find out that I had ordered mint ice cream when they asked me what kind I wanted. I must know myself well, because I would have ordered mint if I was fully awake, but I don't remember them even asking me this question. In fact, I really only saw the doctor for about 2 minutes I would say.

Warning: Pictures. There's only one gross one though.

I just ate a fudge-sicle and it did not feel very good.
 You can kind of see one of the holes.
 I legitimately wasn't expecting my face to be in this picture.  
 Oh yeah...
 This was my bag full of dirty gauze.I was going to take a picture of the actual gauze, but it's pretty disgusting, so....
P.S. Don't you think I should get a little cash from the toothfairy? Like four dollars?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


People. I don't think we understand how truly, truly, truly blessed we are. In the past three hours, I have encountered a few things that have allowed me to take a step back from my life, and view it from a totally and completely different perspective.

The first thing is, I am very thankful that I can walk up and down the stairs with ease. Bending your legs (or even having legs for that matter) seems like a minuscule task. When you aren't able to use your legs properly, however, you realize just how important those small things can be.

Number 2. I just got done watching Soul Surfer. Yeah, it's not the best acting in the world (we can mostly blame that on Carrie Underwood who is an amazing singer, and should stick to that), but it really makes you think. That was a real situation that happened to a real person. Although I'm not a surfer, something like that could happen to me. I am thankful for both of my arms.

Finally, I have one name for you. Ben Breedlove. Look him up. Actually, you don't have to because I have provided the link if you just click on his name. Aren't I nice? I'll give you a minute to read that article/ watch his videos.

I think that is SO inspiring. Inspiring, heartbreaking, and eye-opening.

So, I repeat this to you. WE ARE BLESSED. I can't believe that I complain about having a dentist appointment at 9:30 in the morning, because I think that's too early. I am selfish. Very selfish. I have all my limbs. I can breath with ease. My heart works pretty well. I simply cannot get over this wonderful life that God has blessed me with. Thanks, Jesus. Good looking out. :)

"Victory comes from you, O Lord. May you bless your people." ~Psalm 3:8

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I got the chance to take bunch of pictures of kids. Don't worry. They signed a waiver (?) thing saying that it was okay for these to go online. These were some of my faves. I would share more, but it would take a long time.