Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Safeway is not so safe

I was walking into Safeway one night before a choir concert, set on buying flowers for my director. I am an early freak, so, even though I had plenty of time, was already rushing. I notice two younger looking people on a picnic table watching me, and think nothing of it.

"Um, excuse me miss? I think you dropped it back there," is the next thing I hear. I look around and see the two people, a guy and a gal, looking at me.

"Excuse me?"

"I think you dropped it back there."


"Your smile," says the dude. I proceed to smile, and begin walking again.  When I hear, "Would you like to help me get points for something something something." I hesitate, and he says, "It only takes like 30 seconds."

This is the point where I make the assumption that I will only have to answer a few questions and sign my name or something. Like a fool, I stop and listen. All of the sudden he starts speaking really fast, talking about magazines and donating children's books. I stop him and say, "Can I go inside real quick and come back out? I swear I'll come back, okay?"

I run inside, buy the roses and come back out. One of the first things I say is, "Wait, so am I buying something?" He replies with, "Oh no. We don't say 'bye' until you leave," and continues to ramble on and on.

At this point, I literally sit down next to him, and tell him I'm confused. This did not help my situation whatsoever. He starts filling out this paperwork for me. "How do you spell your name? Beautiful? You live in Colorado Springs? Blah, blah, blah." All of a sudden, he informs me that my total comes out to be $76 or $72 or something like that."

I sit in shock and think of the next thing I should say. "Umm, do I have to pay right now?"

"Yeah, unfortunately, you do."

"Alright, well, I definitely don't have that much money on me right now."

We continue to talk for a while, and soon the total comes down to $38 (which is still a lot for a teenager who barely has a job). Wanna know the sad part? I actually went inside and tried to get $40 out of the ATM. Wanna something even more sad? I didn't even know how to work the darn thing.

Alright, so you may think that I'm a loser, but I have only used my card for online purchases. I'm not a big spender, so I can usually just pay with cash. In this situation though, I was VERY thankful that I was too dumb to work an ATM.

I came back out and informed Jose that the ATM wasn't working. He got a little bit mad at me, but I didn't care. I was already going to be a lot later than I had planned. I said to him, "Are you going to be here at another time?" He replied with, "No this is the only day."

I proceeded to apologize and walk away. I spent almost the whole car ride to my concert laughing hysterically at how stupid I am.

The story, unfortunately for you, does not end there though.

This past weekend we had our senior trip. We stopped at Itopit... right next to Safeway. As our van pulls up, I scream out, "THAT'S JOSE!!! What a liar! He told me that he would only be there for one day."

Some people know what I'm talking about as I shared the first story with them already. Others, just go with the flow. "Hi Jose! What's up?" says one of my friends. Jose, now smoking a cigarette, is confused and barely responds.

After we're done in the frozen yogurt joint, Jose's friend runs up to one of our chaperone's (almost getting hit by a car) and tries the same thing on her. Some of my classmates walk up to the chaperon and pretend to be her husband/children... just for the heck of it.

I guess the moral of this story is, don't talk to strangers that are trying to get you to buy something. Don't fall for their stupid little compliments. And always ALWAYS avoid Safeway.