Sunday, August 19, 2012


So, here I sit. Being sick is really no fun at all. Especially if you can't get out of anything that you're dreading. I don't really know what I have. It's kind of flu-like symptoms I guess. The worst part about being sick, though, is having absolutely nothing to do.

Of course I have plenty of things I would like to get done. I need to water my dad's garden and my room could use a heavy-lifting clean, but I just can't find the energy. I walked up two flights of stairs to see if I could find the thermometer and was exhausted. I go between being freezing and burning up within like 5 minutes. I'm achy in weird places. I get a headache every time I stand up. But, I'm sure you all want to know SO MUCH about this....not.

I guess I could talk about dreams. I have a ton of dreams, and can usually remember at least one. Last night, I was sobbing in one. I think I remember semi-waking up to see if I was actually crying, but I was just breathing like I was crying. I actually remember thinking, "This would sound super creepy if anyone else heard it."

To say the least, I feel like I have nothing to do. I suppose I could go sit outside and read for a while or something. I hope it's not too hot out there. And I hope I can make it. Well, here goes nothing.

Peace out homies. Wish me the best of luck!