Thursday, September 6, 2012

What has my life become?

What has my life become? And when did it become like this?

Who decided that college students have all the money in the world? Cuz I'm pretty sure we don't.

When did my life change so much that my biggest compliment is, "You're good at this," from a patient talking about the NCT?

Why did I find myself thinking this afternoon, "I love a clean fish bowl!"?

How come I flip my hair in front of the mirror to entertain myself, and accomplish it?

When did I become this person??

Maybe it's all the professors that (in my opinion) stink. Maybe it was all my friends moving away. Maybe God is saying, "This is person I've always wanted you to become." How scary would that be? Perhaps it's all the times I've forced myself to say, "My name's Kristin." in the past couple of weeks. Well, whatever it is. It certainly is an interesting experience. And one more thing...

... when did I start having inside jokes with myself?

...Oh wait....