Monday, February 25, 2013

Why I am Blessed

Can I please just say that God is awesome? He often puts things into perspective to me when I need it most. Here I sit, drinking some raspberry tea, listening to some really beautiful music on pandora, and watching my dog roll around in the snow. I am so blessed. Let me show you just a few reasons why.

And these are just a few of the reasons. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Awesome Jesus List

Today in Geography, I was getting really annoyed of this guy clicking his mouse. I thought about making a list of all the things that annoy me in that class, but then I decided that would probably just put me in a worse mood. Instead I made a list of things that make Jesus awesome. So here we go.

Why I Love Jesus
(In no particular order...)
1. Jesus still loves the kid who is clicking his mouse every millisecond even though he is probably playing solitaire.
2. Jesus knows that I lack patience, so He gives me many opportunities to display it.
3. Jesus helped me not get in a car accident last night. 
4. Jesus gave me such an awesome family that I fit in well with.
5. Jesus provided me with a scholarship that allows me to not have to pay for this fun class.
6. Jesus gave me a job that lets me pay for gas. (They rhymed!)
7. Jesus gave me a car.
8. Jesus loves Ranger.
9. Jesus led such amazing people into my life.
10. Jesus gave me Goodwill.
11. Jesus came up with awesome food.
12. Jesus forgives me every single time I do something wrong. 
13. Jesus knows exactly what my future looks like.
14. Jesus knew about the Pope resigning before the Pope even knew.
15. Jesus probably thinks its funny that humans want to know everything about everything, because He knows we never will.
16. Jesus let me see Janelle today.
17. Jesus made the entire earth... that's all I want/need to know about Geography.
18. Jesus blessed me with unlimited texting. Now I can stay in touch with people I love.
19. Jesus made Mrs. Wilmot.
20. Jesus made me appreciate photography. 
21. Jesus said, "Some people will want to drink something in place of coffee, so I'll make something called tea."
22. Jesus is looking out for my husband.
23. Jesus made water which I think is really great and useful.
24. Jesus loves me beyond comprehension.
25. Jesus has given me a new appreciation for glasses.
26. Jesus created me so that I would be bad at interviews for a reason.
27. Jesus teaches me lessons from my experience.
28. Jesus made colors! Who else could do that?
29. Jesus made music.
30. Jesus deserves all glory.
31. Jesus gave me hair which, when dry, helps keep me warm.
32. Jesus made dessert.
33. Jesus made my professor and knew that he would dress/talk like he does.
34. Jesus knew I was scared for Public Speaking, so he gave me an awesome professor.
35. Jesus cares about me as an individual even though there are billions of people on this Earth.
36. Jesus made laser pointers. 
37. Jesus knew that someday, somewhere, somebody would have oily hair, so he made shampoo especially for them.
38. Jesus created different languages.
39. Jesus took on all my sins so that I could join him in Heaven someday.
40. Jesus gave me all 5 senses.
41. Jesus has felt every single way that I've felt. 
42. Jesus also had to be on this stupid, failing, depressing earth for 32 (?) years.
43. Jesus knows how much I can handle and doesn't give me more than that.
44. Jesus believes in me WAY more than I believe in myself. 
45. Jesus made the earth tilt 23.5 degrees, giving us seasons.
46. Jesus led me to a legit Bible Study.
47. Jesus loves it when I crave him.
48. Jesus created sleep!
49. Jesus is peace.
50. Jesus knew that I would find myself hilarious. (It sounds weird, but sometimes I'll be having a really bad day, and I can cheer myself up. Well, Jesus does.)
51. Jesus created laughter.
52. Jesus made chapstick.
53. Jesus keeps his promises.
54. Jesus made different ethnicities... Thank ya Lord!
55. Jesus gave every single person a completely different story.
56. Jesus made candles.
57. Jesus will always provide for me. 
58. Jesus thought of a ton of different types of trees!
59. Jesus allows us to make mistakes and expects us to.
60. Jesus was forsaken by God so that I never had to be. 
61. Jesus is such a great listener.
62. Jesus provides the only way to have real joy.

And these are only a few! Why do you love Jesus?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I love pictas

DAY 25: Something You Made:
There was supposed to be cilantro too, but my mom didn't want to buy any.

DAY 26: Color:
Day 27: Lunch:
This is actually my lunch from today. Tea and beans. 
Day 28: Light:
Day 29: Inside Your Fridge:
Day 30: Nature:
This is Colorado: Snow and sun
Day 31: You Again:
Yes, I am wearing the same sweater as day 1.

February Challenge
Day 1: Your View Today: 
I don't think this was actually the right day. I just like the fact that it was snowing.

Day 2: Words: 
Stupid English class.
Day 3: Hands
Skip a few for now...
Day 6: Dinner:

Day 8: Sun:
It was also snowing during the picture.
Day 9: Front Door:
Day 10: Self Portrait:
Haha. I just woke up. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Indonesia on the Brain

Guess what I did today. I began sponsoring a child! I'm so excited. I have a confession to make: I have not been giving part of my earnings to God lately. I know. It's actually pretty bad. So I've been thinking that I need to start giving an offering. Problem: not so big a fan of my church. I feel like if I were going to give to my church, I would only be giving half-heartedly. I was trying to figure out an alternate way to give that I would be passionate about it. Then, they were talking about sponsoring a child on the radio. I decided to look into and once I saw all of the little kids faces, I knew there was no turning back.

My boy's name is Rezal Rhamdani. I should be getting more information soon.

Anyways, thanks for listening! I'll keep you updated and add more pictures at a later date.

I just feel so good about this. Isn't he cute?