Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 3: The Middle of the Earth


  We have arrived! I had a little experience with my water bottle shortly after I ended with you all. Basically I opened it and water shot everywhere. Including the poor souls in front of me and the lady walking by. Then customs took a while, but we didn't have to go through security! Guess we don't look suspicious enough. Next we had a very important moment of greeting Julz!

So after our sleep in a real bed, we got up and ate. Then blah, blah, blah. Went for a walk, ate lunch. Some interesting things: 1. I am thankful I'm not the one that has to drive here. Her dad is a super expert at it. 2. People pull over to pee. That's cool. 3. Julz told me that the houses here look like they're finished, but they are. They just don't want to spend money on the outside of their houses.

We also went to the equator and took a tour (with an english speaking guide). The equator does some cool things like no resistance. Ha! Anyways, it's beautiful here and I'm quite enjoying it. And learning a lot! Hopefully I'll have more Spanish vocab ready when I get back!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Am Not Naive

Taking a break from the Ecuador trip. Even though I wasn't really posting anyways. Whoops.

I think when people hear that I have never been in a relationship, they tend to think I am extremely naive. Yes, I know there aren't many of us out there who have gone our entire teenage years having no significant others. I know you haven't met anyone since you were two that hasn't had a boyfriend. I know you think it's my fault that I've been single my whole life. Well, let me tell you something. I am not naive.

I feel as though I have gained an immense amount of knowledge from watching and observing. Why put yourself through heartbreak just to learn the lessons that can be taught by watching other people experience heartbreak? Cold. I know. But seriously.

Here are just a few of the lessons I've learned from observing:

1. After I get engaged, I would like to spend at least one week with no contact with my significant other. You may think this is foolish, but let me explain. The heart gets in the way of the brain. There have been times where I have almost put myself into a situation based solely on emotions. When I was able to take a step back, I realized that I was not being smart. Taking a week break would allow time for God and I to have some talks and be really really sure that this is the man I want to marry.

2. If I find a man that I know my dad wouldn't approve of, it's not happening.

3. Spending all of your time with your significant other means losing friends. I get that you're marrying your best friend, but sometimes it's nice to have other outlets. Some girl time, ya know?

4. Make sure you know that you like each other for who the other person is, not what they look like. Cause trust me, we're not gonna look the same when we're pregnant.

5. Problems are best worked out by talking about them. Don't assume that the other person knows what you are thinking, because they probably don't.

6. Please, please, please, please. Talk about kids BEFORE you get married. I know this scares guys to bring up the subject of kids. But if you're engaged, it's something you need to talk about. What kind of school do you want them to attend? How are you going to punish your kids? Are you going to take turns in the middle of the night getting up? They seem like simple questions, but they can cause big problems.

7. Don't feel like you need to say yes to someone just because you've been dating them for a while.

8. Don't try to please other people with your relationship. You should be trying to please God.

9. If you can't see yourself in a year with a person, don't even consider dating them. True story.

10. You have to WORK to keep a marriage strong. Find ways to keep the romance alive. The world tells us that marriage is eventually going to get mundane. No more butterflies. I believe that if you're intentional, you can prevent that.

Those are just a few things I pulled from my head thinking about my friends/family's relationships. Each of them from different people.

So don't even tell me that I am naive. Don't tell me that I have failed. Don't tell me that I need to be the one pursuing. Don't tell me that it's my fault. If you haven't met anyone that hasn't had a high school relationship, maybe you're hanging out with the wrong crowd of people.

Can I also say I don't necessarily think it's my fault that I have not been in a relationship? However, I also wouldn't say it has been my choice either. But let me tell you who's choice it has been. God's. God continues to mold me and make me beautiful on my own while I wait to find the person that I am going to spend the rest of my life with. All the while making him beautiful too. God's timing is always perfect, and, for that reason, I will wait patiently.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 2: More Airports and Going South


  Today we have been... you guessed it. Sitting in the Houston airport. Shocked? Neither are we. But today we've walked around a bit more. Let me go back to this morning. I know you're all thrilled. Bee Tee Dubs- I'm guessing I'll relate less detailed stories (if any) as time goes on as I won't have 1700 hours of free time. Back to this morning, the guy working at the hotel was Indian and quite charismatic. The shuttle wasn't picking us up on time so he called the company and yelled at the girl on the phone. Awkward. That's been the excitement for the day. This part of the airport has moving sidewalks though! And massage chairs. And Wendy's. We've made use of all of them. And of course, more floor naps. Although my sleep last night was the greatest thing since DT's birth.
(Later that day...)
   FINALLY IN A PLANE! My butt and legs already hurt and I'm pretty sure we're only at the 2 hour mark of a 4.5/5 hour flight (Tiff and I got REALLY confused with all the time changes.) I also can't sleep cause guess what. Airplanes were not built for taller people. And I'm not even that tall! I feel bad for people like Annie and Demaryius. I feel like "they" claim that planes are a one-size-fits all type of deals. I claim that they should book planes based on height. The tall people plane just needs more leg space. But then families would be split up. So maybe they should just make real planes more spacious.
   I stare into the first class longingly. But my sorrow doesn't last long, because now I'm just wondering what the point is of a fish-net like curtain barely drawn between us and first class. What? They need some sort of separation from us untouchables!? First class people are so lame. And we don't get a meal. On the bright side, I couldn't find my iPod in my backpack earlier, but I just did. Ed Sheeraning it up! I just wish I could hear out of my right ear when I tilt my head. I suppose that creates better posture. It is weird to crave music?Cause I was definitely craving Ed's miraculous voice earlier. If you think of me, journal, please pray for my butt. I think we're at the point where it turns from serious pain and discomfort to numbness. That would actually be nice. As you can tell, I have a positive attitude about life right now. SOUTH AMERICA, HERE I COME!!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 1: Airport Chaos

As I recently decided to take a sabbatical from life and travel to the lovely land of Ecuador, my mother encouraged me to journal daily. The following posts are from my time there. And, if for no one else, I know I will one day be able to look back at these entries and be able to remember detailed accounts of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

  I'm a little bit nervous right now. So I'm complaining to a journal about it. Makes perfect sense. Anyways, I'm nervous because people are most likely going to be talking to me, and I'll have no idea what they're saying. I don't know why that scares me so much, but it does. We woke up at 2:15 this morning-me, Tiff, and mom. Which was way too early for any living organism. Then this really sweet lady on the plane was complaining about waking up at 3:30. I was like "You have no idea." But I didn't actually say that. 
  These little boys are speaking Spanish next to me right now. It's really cute, but reminding me that I hate direct and indirect objects. Also, they just informed us that our flight is delayed an hour. I'm really learning to hate aeropuertos. The flight this morning I sat in between an elderly lady (who I believe was from South Africa) and a middle aged woman who I found out was a preschool teacher from Greeley [Side note. She was visiting one of her 5(?) kids in Houston. One of her sons who I think she said was 20 was about to go on a 2 year missions trip. I was like, "Yo! Hook me up with him!" But actually, sounds more like a Tiffany kind of guy.] We talked about everything from smart phones to the densely wooded part of Texas. Then, I SLEPT. Never before have I slept so wonderfully on a plane. Afterwards I learned that some creep asked Tiffany for her name and she told him Tiffany Smith. 
  (I've been watching/subconsciously listening to a video about massaging feet for literally hours now--fun.)
  So here's the thing, we get our luggage super fast in Houston and we're like, "Holla! Let's get this 7 hour layover done with!" WE wait in line to re-check our bags and the chick's like, "You can't check your bags till 2:30." Well folks, it was about 10:30. That's a golden 4 hours that we are not allowed inside the airport, but can't go outside at all either. After going between 16,000 terminals, we finally find a restaurant open to the less fortunate (i.e. us). The only downside of this glorious find was that we spent $10 each on a meal. After much nonsense including trying to sleep in a dark hallway, having nuts thrown at us by some thugs (they weren't really thugs-just wannabes), reading a children's bible, smiling at people on the tram, playing soccer with aforementioned (I tried to sound smart, but that didn't work) nuts, and trying to touch the ceiling, we FINALLY were able to check our bags. 
  And here we sit. Waiting another nails-on-a-chalkboard 60 minutes. All I can say is, Tiff and I are gonna be pros at floor napping and carrying our suitcases up and down escalators after this. Traveling is always an adventure. 

  Did I really say "Traveling is always an adventure" earlier? I had NO idea. Shortly after I finished with you all last, the airline peeps started saying something in Spanish. Tiff goes, "Are you kidding me? Did he just say our flight was cancelled?" THAT'S RIGHT PEOPLE. Needless to day, Tiff and I are now in a hotel after spending 12 long, grueling, miserable, unproductive, hilarious hours in the Houston airport. 
  Also, this hotel is pretty sketch. The guy at the front kept cussing and basically, if we die, they're not responsible. But hey! Free food, hotel, and a flight without connections. Sweet. We're way better off than the dude behind us in line who I just realized probably has his second flight cancelled. Word to the wise: Avoid Aeromexico. [Sidenote: Opinion later changed]