Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Day 2: More Airports and Going South


  Today we have been... you guessed it. Sitting in the Houston airport. Shocked? Neither are we. But today we've walked around a bit more. Let me go back to this morning. I know you're all thrilled. Bee Tee Dubs- I'm guessing I'll relate less detailed stories (if any) as time goes on as I won't have 1700 hours of free time. Back to this morning, the guy working at the hotel was Indian and quite charismatic. The shuttle wasn't picking us up on time so he called the company and yelled at the girl on the phone. Awkward. That's been the excitement for the day. This part of the airport has moving sidewalks though! And massage chairs. And Wendy's. We've made use of all of them. And of course, more floor naps. Although my sleep last night was the greatest thing since DT's birth.
(Later that day...)
   FINALLY IN A PLANE! My butt and legs already hurt and I'm pretty sure we're only at the 2 hour mark of a 4.5/5 hour flight (Tiff and I got REALLY confused with all the time changes.) I also can't sleep cause guess what. Airplanes were not built for taller people. And I'm not even that tall! I feel bad for people like Annie and Demaryius. I feel like "they" claim that planes are a one-size-fits all type of deals. I claim that they should book planes based on height. The tall people plane just needs more leg space. But then families would be split up. So maybe they should just make real planes more spacious.
   I stare into the first class longingly. But my sorrow doesn't last long, because now I'm just wondering what the point is of a fish-net like curtain barely drawn between us and first class. What? They need some sort of separation from us untouchables!? First class people are so lame. And we don't get a meal. On the bright side, I couldn't find my iPod in my backpack earlier, but I just did. Ed Sheeraning it up! I just wish I could hear out of my right ear when I tilt my head. I suppose that creates better posture. It is weird to crave music?Cause I was definitely craving Ed's miraculous voice earlier. If you think of me, journal, please pray for my butt. I think we're at the point where it turns from serious pain and discomfort to numbness. That would actually be nice. As you can tell, I have a positive attitude about life right now. SOUTH AMERICA, HERE I COME!!

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